Color-Grading Suite

Experience the full spectrum of your vision

Cut through time and effort by using our one-of-a-kind coloring room. With Dolby Atmos technology and Amphion monitoring system, the devoted 4K projector is accompanied by DaVinci color grading software and hardware that will crisp up your visuals and will the prefect the hues of your story.

Tech & Equipment


15 ft. (4.5m) max height

25 ft. (7.5m) wide room



20 ft. (6m) wide

33 ft. (10m) throw


Cinema Seating: 8 Fixed / +4 Optional

3 Cutting / Green rooms

Editor Workstations: 4


5 Playback systems:

1x HDX3 192 channel Pro Tools system

4x HDX2 128 channel Pro Tools systems


2 Recorders: HDX3 192 channel Pro Tools systems

Dynaudio M3F speaker system providing Dolby Atmos® Monitoring and IMAX mixing capability


AMS Neve DFC 3D Gemini Digital mixing console:

40 Faders

Encore 2 Automation


Avid S6 M40 with 32 faders (up to 40 faders dual mode)


Colin Broad Synchronizer


4K Digital cinema projection: Christie CP4220


Video Playback: Pro Tools HDX with AJA Kona 12G


IHSE KVM over IP system for all workstations plus Grace Design headphone monitoring


4x Bricasti M7 Stereo reverb processor


1x TC 6000 MKII Reverb


2x DBX 120 Subharmonic Synthesizer


1x Cedar DNS 1500 Dialogue Noise Suppressor


RTW TM9 Touch Monitor Metering


Extensive range of Plug-ins (list available upon request)